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  • Vacurect OTC Custom Model 1002 Deluxe

Vacurect OTC Custom Model 1002 Deluxe

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Buy the Vacurect Pump in Canada today!

EFFECTIVE for more than 96% of men; the Vacurect can be used uccessfully to create an erection, regardless of the cause of ED.

SAFE unlike some medications or surgery, vaccum therapy uses only natural erection processes without any side effects.

IMMEDIATE produces an erection suitable for intercourse in less than 60 seconds.

CONTROLLABLE the patient determines when, how long and how often he wants intimacy.

CONSISTENT the same erection each and every time, regardless of other physical and/or physiological factors.

COST EFFECTIVE litte cost compared to other treatments.

The Vacurect OTC Vacuum Erection Device comes assembled and ready to use. 

This easy to use device comes with all of the following:

  • Vacuum Cylinder
  • Tension Systems (Rings)
  • Four ounce bottle of personal lubricant
  • Four ounce bottle of Strawberry lubricant
  • A User's Guide
  • Two ounce bottle of Service Oil (for maintaining the device)
  • Travel Bag


The two major parts to the Vacurect OTC system are the Vacuum Cylinder and the Tension System (Rings).

The User Guide is an excellent resource that takes only a short time to read.  The User Guide explains everything very clearly.  It makes the use of this product extremely intuitive and simple.

Should you have any questions before or after you buy the Vacurect pump online please call us at 204-233-3469 and ask to speak with one of our ED pharmacists.

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